Black Night

She hated and got phobia of black color She got scare and filled with terror. When she remember that heinous night She was stalked by some boys and treated to the hell and left alone crawling, screaming, undressed in that cold night. She never lose hope and decided to fight Now she is going to... Continue Reading →

A Suicide Letter

Hey mom, No more I can see you defending me from society. Now I have to out hit wicket. Yours faithfully A boy suffering mental illness/disorder

Love has no religion

Tied the Knot in the last summer Banished and Killed by our own society and people. Marriage in different religion They pointed this crap reason. There will be Resurrection of ourself and our love in every seven life and in every seven religions. #HinduismMuslimSikhismIslamChristianityJewishBuddhism 

You are mine

I reiterated  'you are mine'. I cried and screamed 'you are mine'. I even crawled and sobbed  'you are mine'.   You betrayed me but I loved you always. Now i have got so many people to take care of me in my own big mansion. People named it 'HK Mental Hospital'. Here everyone know... Continue Reading →

What you want to become?

I want to be maid-servant and you, my assigned home To sweep your all stress, anxiety and feeling of lone I want to be firefighter and you, my building that caught fire To blow out your all steam, anger and feeling of ire I want to be soldier and you, my fond country  To protect... Continue Reading →

Orange night

I remember that night We peel orange and got only nine pieces that let to fight. Divided equally four and four Then we thought now what to do with this extra one more. Her dirty thinking arised  She said i think we need a child. I remembered that night A orange led love, sex and... Continue Reading →

Unlocked Door

"It seems there is still something that you don't wanna open up with me," she said doubtingly. "Ya, I don't wanna open up, open up The door, the door of a room, a room Full of memory, memory filled with Fun, thrills and spills, excitement, playfulness, amusement, enjoyment, happiness, Love...hmm Love Love for a girl,... Continue Reading →

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