First experience of WheelChair



...and again eyes met but he could not wave his hand as she passed him to another guy. ...and again flirty love ruled over diffident true love.


Saw you first, forced to flick my head twice Each glance spun my mind like I was high. Started noticing to know more about you Cos I couldn't muster up courage to blurt out hello, how do you do? You looked so puzzled and confused, I guess effect of new ambience I squealed silently it's... Continue Reading →

The Unique Blogger Award

Hello friends, I am really grateful to all my fellow blogger who and whose blogs had always inspired me to keep writing. Today, I have been nominated for Unique Blogger Award 2017 for the first time by my lovely follower and also companion whose Blog always motivated and amused me. I really love his writing specially that... Continue Reading →

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