Desire Vs Need

Flight ticket laid on the table, half tightly suppressed under the book and half flapping with little gust of wind coming through that ajar window.

It was night as sitting on the dining table with my parents I could only hear the clanking of spoon with plate proclaiming the emotions of my parent that they were angry and unhappy with me.

Yesterday I announced happily that “I gotta job offer in florida” but this line equivalent to lighting struck my parent and they wrapped themselves with the sheets of silence.
This sheet weaved with lots of question they weren’t daring to ask, lots of love, care and concern they failed to hide. I had a blood bond. I could sense the upheavals inside them.

I’d always dreamed and desired for job in abroad where I can get more exposure to my skills. I desired to follow my passion. Besides I need to stay with my elderly parents they also need support, care and love of the only son. How can I leave the persons who is the reason behind what I am capable of? I questioned again to myself.

Sometime you do what you need to not what you desire.


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