Being Single

Under that full moon night, spreading its light of love in every dark side, a band singing adds up romance through background, table decorated with flowers, champagne bottles with favourite dish; everything at its best. She proposed down on one bent knee with a beautiful red rose in her hand. She recites

“Once I snubbed myself and hated my life, 

But it is you, who entered in my life and make me believe that love has also lovable and romantic side.

Then I abhor you and your presence in my life,

But it is you, who stood with me to fight against all odds and always looked on my brighter side.

Now i love you, life and even everything that i hated and thank you so much for being my other half side”.

Then both kissed.

I, sitting to the next table alone, again cried from inside, again a piece of heart shattered, again my every organ of my body felt, pain of being single.

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