I’d only loved YOU

I saw, saw the most beautiful

Creation of God, you.

I listened, listened the sweetest
Sound of any person, you.

I dared, dared to talk and
Come closer to, you.

I enjoyed, enjoyed the every moment
Of my life when I was with, you.

I felt, felt the happiest feeling
Oh God! Am i in love with, you?
I frightened, frightened to tell
What I feel about, you.

I decided, decided to take you
At my special place n propose to, you.

I broke, broke heartily when i heard
A girl found dead in car clash they named, you.

I watched, watched that news repeatedly  hoping news is wrong about, you.

I ran, ran for you, don’t worry
Hey baby, I’m coming for, you.

I abandoned, abandoned my special
Place that was near the death spot of, you.

I never, never forget you.
I wanna die, die in the lap of, you.
I had always loved n will love, you.

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