Unlocked Door

“It seems there is still something that you don’t wanna open up with me,” she said doubtingly.

“Ya, I don’t wanna open up, open up
The door, the door of a room, a room
Full of memory, memory filled with
Fun, thrills and spills, excitement, playfulness, amusement, enjoyment, happiness, Love…hmm Love
Love for a girl, a girl who once entered in this dark, unlit room like an electrician given thorough going-over, updated and fixed all broken and unwind wiring to brighten it up.
But at the end she went in search of big mansion leaving me alone in that room” some thoughts flowed in my mind.

“No, there is nothing to open up, and if there would be anything then i know you are locksmith who can make keys to unlock any secrets,” I declaim to her.

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