Daughter – An incarnation of mother

P.c: pixabay.com

As trudging down the doorway, I saw a girl in the balcony, peeking in the street, absorbed in her own thought and leaned against the wall with arms folded across her chest.

I tiptoed into the room and knelt down beside her so as to level up to her four feet height.

“Hi dad, you don’t have to skulk around your own house.” She said morosely.

“What happened to my princess, looking so dull,” I snickered immaturely. I’d always talked in childish manner whenever she’d looked sad or tired to match her nine year old age so as to be more friendly and way of endearment.

“Nothing” she paused for a while and stared into my eyes. “No one wanna play. No one come to the street”, she complained as she unfolded her hands. I could suspect how serious was she.

“Hmm… Why?” I questioned grimly.

“No one willing to come out of their home to play street games. Everyone either watching TVs or embroiled in their Smartphone games”, She trailed off with shrill voice. “I want to play cricket, football, badminton but in the street not in that 5 inch with quality graphics and programmed Smartphone”, she snapped.


I grinned and stood up to lift her under my arm and embrace her as I wandered toward bed. Her eyes gleaming with anger, body moving unsteadily and the way she motion her hand while complaining, always remind me of my forever wife-cum-her mother. She resembles every quality, shape, mood and smile of her. She is now my reason to stay and perform my role in the play of life from which role of my co-star had ended early to me.

“So… this is your problems. Don’t worry my princess… big daddy is here to deal with your trouble”, I laid her on the bed and sat on the edge as I cuddled her close to myself. “I’m gonna call your angel mother and direct her to disappear all gadgets and Smartphone of your friends”, I whispered in her ear as squeezing gently across her arm. “You now close your eyes and when you’ll open it tomorrow… all your worries would be gone”. I gazed at her closing eyes as I’d felt that I’m embracing my wife who is still alive and lied down next to me.

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