// Ep 01

Nov 6, 2017

It was gloomy night filled with squealing of vehicle’s horn that was still lined up on the road outside the nancy’s apartment. Nancy was feeling dizziness and irritated but still tiptoeing in the room, dialling on phone consecutively but receiving no response. Finally, she dialled another number.

“Hello, Nirmala?”


“It’s nancy. Umm… Is Dr. Patankar still there in his cabin?”

“No, he just left for Washington,” she replied and doubtingly asked “Is polly doing ok?”

“Ya, he is fine. I just need to discuss something with Dr. Patankar,” nancy answered. She again walked to the window, open the shutter and peeked irritatingly as indistinct noises still howling from outside.

“Dr. Patankar will arrive day after tomorrow. Have you booked your appointment,” she knew nancy must already had because they know each other when two year ago she got her first job as receptionist at Dr. Patankar’s home clinic but just for formality she reminded her.

“Yes…Yes I’ve already booked for this weekend,”

Nancy hung up the call and lie down on bed. She stared polly who was sleeping next to her facing to her side. She looked at his face mercifully and thought is it possible for 27 year old man to look so innocent and careless. She leaned to kiss his forehead. “Good night,” she whispered and got back to sleep.

Nov 7, 2017

Polly woke up suddenly as if he had experienced dread dream. His fast breathing struck nancy who was standing in the balcony in hope of getting scarce sunlight in cold morning and taking every sip of hot coffee like it’s a tablet for getting warmness. She turned and raced toward the bed. Polly saw her as she was coming to him.

“What time is it?” he was scared.

She looked at wall clock. “It’s 9 past 12,” she sat beside him.

“Oh shit. I’m gonna be late,” he got worried and hop out of bed.

“But where you have to go today,” she asked.

“To the airport,” he was heading to the bathroom.

“What’s…what your character is today?” she hesitatingly asked.

“What do you mean?” he ignored her and entered into bathroom.

Nancy scudded into kitchen and get involved in preparing breakfast for polly. After fifteen minutes, polly came out rushing toward wardrobe and nancy also came in and put the breakfast on the bed. She ogled at polly who was naked except the white towel wrapped up, his tough and curvy body leaving nancy hard to take eyes off him.

Polly was shuffling through his closet but after a minute he gets annoyed when he did not found the dress he was looking for.

“Where’s my dress, nancy?” he grunted irritatingly.

“Which dress?”

“Don’t be foolish. I’m getting late”

“Would you tell me which dress do you need?”

“What nonsense are you talking? I have to go to my job”

“Oh! What job?”

He gets pissed off of her irrelevant questions. “My job…have you forgot that I’m a pilot,” he nearly screamed.

She looked him with amazement and think for a while.

“Umm…Your dress is at the laundry shop”

“What? Did you not retrieve my dress,” he was getting angry.

“I thought you won’t go today,” she knew she lied again.

“Ugh…fuck you,” he took out his casual clothes.

“Where are you heading?” she asked scarily.

“To the shop,” he responded calmly.

“At least finish your breakfast,” she trailed off.

“No need,” he darted out.

Nancy was, in her study room, writing scripts for advertisement. She works as freelance writer, so she mostly stays at home and writes scripts, articles or other stuffs for films, TV serials, ad agency and for other commercial companies. She was checking her phone regularly as if she had knew someone would definitely call. She calculated that it’s been an hour since polly left and still there is no call. Suddenly her phone rang and she picked up immediately.

“Hello, myself Nancy Daruwala speaking,” she introduced herself as if she had knew she’ll be asked.

“Ah, nancy hello…do you know Ghulam Parker,” a tough voice came from other side.

“No…” she rummaged through her memory. “May I know where are you calling from?”

“My name is Jatin Paranjpe, Security head here at terminal 2 Mumbai Airport. We have detained a man with a fake id card. He gave this number to me and said that you know him,” his voice now sounded polite.

Nancy heard some indistinct voice coming from other side of phone.

“I know her. I said I know her, her name is nancy and she lives with me,”

“Hey, shut him up for a while,” someone said in loud voice and there was silence on that side.

“Can I… Can I know how–how he looks like?” she was shuddering.

“Aah! He is tall… broad shoulder and crew cut hair with stubble beard having round and wheatish complexion but,” he paused “I bet there is something wrong with this person… I mean his mood…emotions on his face and his activities are changing frequently,” he trailed off.

“Is there any scar on his hand…left hand?”

“Show your hand man,” he ordered but he did not notice as he absorbed in his own thought bowed his head down. So he walked down to him and pulled his hand. “Yes, there is scar on left hand”

“Nancy, are you listening to me, nancy,” that man screamed directing toward the phone.

“I know him,” she ejaculated. “I know him officer, would you wait for me, I’m just arriving over there”

“Ok fine. I’ll wait”

Nancy flitted to the cupboard, took out a bag filled with papers and immediately moved out of apartment.

It was nearly half an hour distance to Mumbai airport from her apartment. She reached at the terminal 2 and walked in. She asked guard standing at checking gate about Jatin Paranjpe. They directed him to go to check-in desk. At there, she asked again a lady sitting there at counter desk who calls a man for her. A man came who was all suits up in black, very tall and blackish with grim face. That man escorted her toward the concourse. She followed him and then she stepped in an aisle where there was no one except them trudging down the aisle and footsteps reverberating in the ambience. A streak of terror ran down her body to make her feel afraid, she watched around as there were rooms locked from inside and no noise coming from any fissure, everything was tightly packed and arranged. Sweat started running over her forehead and stomach get knotted as she was feeling choked.

At the deep end, he led her to a room in which darkness was prevailing and there were four to five men, all were well dressed up talking to each other.

“Nancy Daruwala?” a man came forward.

“Yes,” she replied, little scared.

He shaked hand. “Hello, I’m Jatin Paranjpe,” he gestured to move forward.

She was allowed to enter in a room which was dimly lit. She recognised two men sitting on chair in front of each other separated by a table over which a pilot hat and other stuff were laid.

“Here’s the man,” jatin waved his hand.

Out of two men there, one stood up to whom she looked at and recognised that he was polly. He had worn a white dress with epaulette on the shoulder and name plate pinned on his shirt that displayed “Ghulam Parker”.

“Nancy…oh nancy, I’m glad that you came,” polly walked close to her and hug her. “Please tell them that I’m pilot, I work for Jet Airways Airlines”

Another man also stood and tried to hold him back. Nancy turned emotional after looking at the plight of polly. Her eyes welled up as polly was pleading and begging repeatedly to tell him the truth. She raced out of room followed by jatin.

Nancy took out all the paper from a bag and showed them. They verified carefully and finally after half an hour they gave permission to take polly back home. She went in again holded polly’s hand and plod outside the airport.

“What you told them?” polly asked as they walked to the taxi stand.

“That you’re sick,” she said seriously while looking for taxi.

She waved for taxi and it stopped there. “But I’m not,” he followed her. She get in and did not reply anything.

“Where have you have to go?” taxi driver asked.

“Pratap apartment, Shastri nagar, Andheri west”

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