Second Chance-Part 1

​“I’m  going,  mom,”  he  shouted  and  raced  outside  the  door. “Come  home  by  time,”  she  screamed  showing  care  as  usual.  Then,  she  got  involve  in  her household  chores. After an  hour, when  she  freed  from  kitchen  work, she  got  anxious  as  till  now  he  must had returned  home  but  he  hadn’t. She  walked  out  of ... Continue Reading →

Love you till the end

When your eyes will flood with tear face, covered with mascara smear. When your all energy will drain body, ache with pain. I'll hold your hand Cos I'll love you till the end. When your smile will walk away face lining, will go astray. When you won't able to laugh chin, won't stretch enough. I'll... Continue Reading →

This song for you

I'm missing you, you're not around We had great past, you forgot Your whiff of love still surround my head that moulded into crown. But now it's slipping, it's you pulling it down tryna dethrone me, I'm toppling over the ground. You're gone, my mind deny to believe I still act like you're my part... Continue Reading →

Young love

It seems so confusing when for the first time we dive into the ocean of love. We don’t know what we would find but we crave to drown in it without knowing its depth. Once we reach far off from the surface, we cannot come out. We go deeper into its never-ending depth and come... Continue Reading →

Fire and Ice

Two girls, two different faces with two different behaviour and nature Countdown begin to get placed Either in the list of admirer or hater. One is voluble and other is sober Always together, murmur to each other Maybe casting malicious maneuver. One can do endless blabber Other is serene and having specs Maybe mark of... Continue Reading →

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